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The breakthrough font making app lands on Windows finally!

After iFontMaker making a smash hit in iPad scene, its little brother, iFontMaker Windows Edition, is now available on Windows App Store. It's not just a copy of the original but redesigned from scratch for Windows 8 interface. With more rich textured burshes, support for pressure sensitive pen tablets*, and the brand new online gallery, you can develop your uniquest fonts ever. It's still less than 5 minute work to make it. The easiest & most joyful way to produce your own font!

*: Available on version 1.1 (now under App Store review)

Features Comparison
iFontMaker Windows
(This product)
iFontMaker iPad

Free Hand Editor
Brush Styles 5 18
Eraser Tool
Generating Fonts
Bezier Tools / Import SVG
Letter Spacing / Kerning / Ligatures
Support Glyphs Latin-1 Latin, Latin extend,
Greek, Cyrillic,
Dingbats and more
Support OS Windows 8 ~ iOS for iPad
Store Windows Store App Store
How to use
Touch "New" button to create a new font. You can also set a font name.
Select a Glyph to edit, and draw on editor area. You can set a pen size and type by pen property.
To generate your font as true type, just open the font you want to convert and touch the "Build" button. (How to install your font)
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